Smith Craft started in the mid 90's with a single purpose: to design a device to simplify the process of cutting roller chain. The original EZ Breaker® was the result. The EZ Breaker cuts chain with a single pull of its handle. No other chain breaker was simpler, easier, or faster than the EZ Breaker®. The EZ Breaker allowed agricultural implement dealerships to simplify their inventory, eliminating inventory of numerous roller chain part numbers of all different lengths, and replacing them with reels of bulk chain cut to length for the customer at the parts counter. Distributors could now provide customers with the exact length of roller chain required instead of a 10ft coil that would need to be cut to length. Cutting bulk roller chain also eliminated the waste from cutting a ten foot coil that just went in the scrap hopper.

Save time and money, reduce inventory, provide a service to your customer, use the EZ Breaker® to cut your roller chain.